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Inkjet Coding Equipment

Continuous ink jet manufacturer, Citronix, has recently expanded its product range. This is great news for UK distributor The Needham Group as they say it will now enable them compete in a greater variety of industries and help further establish their position as coding and marking equipment suppliers in the UK.

Citronix has recently launched its ci2000 IP65 rated CIJ system. With a positive air pressured enclosure and generators to create positive air for the printhead there are absolutely no entry points for dust and moisture, making the ci2000 the ideal coding and marking solution in the most extreme, high dust or wet production environments.

In addition to new systems, Citronix has also introduced new software features unique to its ciSeries systems. New Ultra High Speed (UHS) software has been introduced to the high-end ci1000 and ci2000 systems. Unlike the competition, the UHS software is a standard option; therefore, adds no cost to the price of a system and provides the ability to print at 470M/min, ideal for extremely high speed applications.

Latest Continuous Inkjet

One of the latest continuous inkjet innovations launched by Citronix is its ciLink software. ciLink features an embedded full web browser interface to allow control of a system or a network of systems locally or remotely. Anything accomplished at the system keyboard can be accomplished via the virtual web browser keyboard/interface. This feature also enables email notifications be sent for routine maintenance and critical situations; therefore, is set to revolutionize and significantly improve the serviceability and reliability of the Citronix coding and marking solutions.